Fall 2014 James Stanfield Catalog- Specialists in Special Education

Researched-Based Programs for Students with:

Excellent for student with learning and cognitive challenges. The skits model and show behaviors clearly, rather than “talk about” them. Language is simple and consistent; humor holds students attention.” – Dottie Rust, Teacher, Frederick, MD

“I have been promoting your programs for years as a special educator of students with autism. Your products are the best out there. Great job and thank you!” – Patrick D. Hill, Special Education Coordinator 

“The Stanfield products are thoughtfully created to meet the needs of students who are transitioning from high school to independent living. I appreciate the message with humor approach to learning.” – Toni Curtis, Adult Special Ed Teacher 

“I’ve found BeCOOL to be very beneficial for behaviorally challenged students.” – Anne Wise, Counselor