Spring 2015 Catalog!


James Stanfield Company - Spring 2015 Catalog

Your Transitions Curriculum provides our special needs students of all level with
‘real life’ school to work information. We refer to your programs as ‘L
ife 101’.
Barbara Klaus, Teacher

Why teachers are choosing the Transitions
Curriculum® over all others:

• The Latest and Most Up-To-Date Transitions Curriculum available!

• The Only PROVEN EFFECTIVE Transitions Curriculum from two of the nation’s leading authorities.

• Teaches Common Core and SEL (Social-Emotional Learning) objectives that are essential for life success.

• Teacher Friendly! With 300 easy to follow teacher developed sequenced lessons and over 600 Student Journal Worksheets
PLUS an Assessment Unit every 5 lessons.

• Uses SCANS Indexed Work Readiness Objectives, so you know they’re relevant!

• Enables Tracking and Planning for IDEA Mandated Summary of Performance (SoP) Reporting.

Our Spring 2015 catalog includes OVER 60 research-based
transitions readiness programs that will help your students learn:


• Social skills & social boundaries

• School-to-work-related skills

• Job Readiness Skills

• Attributes essential to workplace success

• Conflict management skills

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• Family & relationship skills

• Transitional skills necessary for independent living

• Life Skills

• And More!


Why Stanfield Incorporates SEL (social & emotional learning)
in the Transitions Curriculum?

Educational research shows that true career readiness depends on more than just a student’s ability to complete tests and classroom assignments. There is a clear connection between academic skills, social and emotional growth, and success in the real world. The Stanfield Transitions Curriculum equips teachers with the resources to integrate SEL into their classrooms. These resources help students manage emotions and nurture positive relationships; most importantly they set a foundation for success in the post-school world.

Why We Use Humor:

“Not only does humor generate divergent thinking, it can also spark student recall long after the group session is over.” – Debra Korobkin, Educational Trainer.

Research shows that by making the classroom experience more comfortable and enjoyable, humor makes teaching and learning more effective. That’s why Stanfield teaches with humor!

We’ve Been There:

Dr. Stanfield has been a classroom teacher, a Professor of Special Education, and directed federal funded research programs. In other words, unlike the vast majority of other educational publishers, Dr. Stanfield has been there.

He knows how children learn and has been in the shoes of the teachers who teach them. The products of the James Stanfield Company have been proven effective and are currently being used in thousands of schools throughout North America.


When Students see your logo on the screen, they start applauding!
-Susan Simon, Principal


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