Dating Skills and Saying “No”


“Football Town Nights”: No RapingFootball Town Nights: “No Raping!”

We realize that for many people, understanding what consent truly means is difficult—but consent is NOT what you assumed someone’s body language or vibe was giving off. Though very humorous, Amy Schumer’s video demonstrates some very real consent “assumptions”… “What if it’s Halloween and she’s dressed as a sexy cat?” This video is an example of the power of humor in creating an open dialogue. Watch the video here!

What Teens Really Want to Know About SexWhat Teens Really Want To Know About Sex

High school teacher Al Vernacchio wants you to remember how weird it was to ask questions about sex as a teenager. In his Sexuality and Society class, Vernacchio strives to breach this awkwardness in order to educate teens about not just human sexuality, but about intimacy, healthy relationships, and forming personal boundaries as well. Continue reading…

Talking to Your Special Needs Teen About Sex Can Be Difficult - Here are 6 Tips!6 Tips For Talking About Sex to Teens With Special Needs

We get it, this topic is often difficult to discuss. However, the fact that the subject may embarrass parents and teachers will not make the issues go away. So, here are some tips for talking about intimacy and relationships with your children and students. Number 4 is crucial! Continue reading…

SEXTING: Everyone’s Doing It! Yes, Even Students With Special Needs

Many teachers and parents are still unsure what to make of this phenomenon. Some say that it is a huge problem that needs to be stopped before kids ruin their lives and futures with a potential nude photo scandal—while others say that it’s just how normal teenage sexual experimentation works in the 21st century. Regardless, this growing phenomenon cannot be ignored and we should not assume it doesn’t affect our special needs students. Continue reading…

DateSmart: Halloween from Hell!

This exclusive scene from DateSmart teaches the NotSmart vs. LifeSmart ways in which this young gentlemen handles this very real Halloween party scenario!

DateSmart uses videomodeling to teach students the most important behaviors related to dating, love, sexuality, and more. It also makes students consider & question their own dating standards, as well as their values towards love and sex. Most importantly, it provides students with needed tools to help them make safe and responsible decisions for themselves and others. Learn more about the curriculum here!

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Explaining Consent to your StudentsExplaining Consent To Your Students

Understanding what constitutes “consent” [to sexual activity] can present problems to a student’s knowledge of healthy sexual behavior. These challenges—the idea that someone has consented to sex when in fact they haven’t, when a person changes their mind, or when someone challenges another’s assumption that consent has occurred—lead to misunderstandings (to say the least).The following illustration from does an excellent job portraying what consent really means. Click here to view the full cartoon.