It’s OK to hug your Mom. It’s even OK to hug your… Brother.


Teach your Students the Rules of Social Boundaries with CIRCLES

VideoModeling® is a teaching concept originated by James Stanfield and refers to the use of highly trained actors to precisely “model” how specific behaviors are incorrectly and correctly executed.

To learn more about VideoModeling, download our 5 FAQs About VideoModeling, here!

PeopleSmart teaches students the essential social skills directly related to friendship and trust. With the help of the Stanfield Comedy Players, your students will see how these actors use Videomodeling to demonstrate the LifeSmart and NotSmart ways to handle different social settings. Watch as Lani demonstrates the NotSmart & LifeSmart way to be a true friend in this FREE video.

This FREE LESSON PLAN comes from PeopleSmart 1 of the LifeSmart Series. Your students will learn about friendship, trust, & the consequences of lying.

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“My students were glued to the screen. Love Stanfield’s humor. THIS is the way to teach social skills!” 

– Susan Simon, Principal

“Excellent for students with learning and cognitive challenges. The skits model and show behaviors clearly, rather than “talk about” them. Language is simple and consistent; humor holds students attention.”

– Dottie Rust, Educator

“I have been promoting your programs for years as a special educator of students with autism. Your products are the best out there. Great job and thank you!”

– Patrick D. Hill, Special Education Coordinator

Here are just two of the many reasons:

1. Videomodeling:

The James Stanfield Company invented the videomodeling teaching concept and our award-winning videomodeling products have been featured in the pages of Time magazine. From elemental basics like personal hygiene, to complex emotional anger management and conflict resolution skills for children and young adults, to family life and social skills programs for the developmentally disabled, to transitional skills needed for independent living, the James Stanfield Company delivers tools to educators that their students can use on a day-in, day-out basis.

We use professional actors to precisely model correct/incorrect verbal and nonverbal behavior in response to life situations. We believe that students can learn a lot by looking at someone else’s mistakes. By observing the consequences of other people’s mistakes and vicariously learning from them, students can avoid much of the pain caused by social rejection. Your students don’t have to learn to be socially successful the hard way!

When it comes to special education videomodeling programs, Stanfield products are the industry’s gold standard!

2. Humor!:

We illustrate points with humor and demonstrate behaviors that work and- even more important to many- those that don’t. We use humor, down-to-earth language, and crystal clear examples of behavior techniques and coping mechanisms. Why? Because the benefits of incorporating humor with instruction are innumerable, especially with K-12 students.

Research on humor finds a strong positive relationship between teacher use of humor and student attention and interest. With interest comes motivation and the increased likelihood that the student will learn and retain information. Simply put, by making the classroom experience more comfortable and enjoyable, humor can make teaching and learning more effective. Our goal is to make teachers and students Laugh Out Loud as they teach/learn transitional & job skills, life & social skills, anger management, conflict resolution, and much more!

We are so confident that you’ll find our products to be valuable teaching aids that we offer a 30-day risk free guarantee. Contact us for the details.

See our Stanfield Comedy Players videomodel appropriate behaviors in everyday life situations. Watch now!

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