Teach Your Students What It Takes To Be A Perfect Employee!!

A unique and EFFECTIVE approach to preparing students
for the shock of an environment where what they need, feel,
or desire does not come first, and often doesn’t matter. – Jim Graff

2500 Employers told us what they wanted….and WE LISTENED!

Surviving the first 90 days

Experts consider the first 90 days to be the most important period of an employee’s time on the job. This unit will teach your students:

• What the boss is looking for in a new employee
• How to avoid common pitfalls
• Proper work ethic
• Workplace manners and conduct
• The importance of going the extra mile
• Being a team player
• The pitfalls of whining or making excuses
• Interview tactics
• Job-killer behaviors, such as stealing
• Work appearance
• And More!

Attaining permanent status

Surviving the first 90 days does not guarantee that he or she will become a permanent employee. Unit 2 teaches students the BIG 11 must have attributes needed for workplace success:

• Trustworthy
• Cooperative
• Appearance
• Language
• Social ability
• Tolerant
• Self-control
• Self-esteem
• Focus
• Customer friendly
• Responsibility
• And More!

Surviving delusions of grandeur

Unit 3 focuses on correcting mistaken perceptions and expectations of entitlement that young people often bring to the workplace. Lessons include the following workplace delusions:

• My Needs Come First
• Rules Don’t Apply to Me
• I Deserve Special Privileges
• I’m a VIP
• Work’s Got to Be Fun
• Work is Like School
• Work is Like Home
• Work is Like What You See on TV
• And More!


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