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“The Stanfield products are thoughtfully created to meet the needs of students…” – Toni Curtis, Adult Special Ed Teacher

Identify and train your students who lack the interpersonal skills needed for employment.

Good social interaction skills are very important for vocational success. TICE is a comprehensive test developed to help you identify and train those people who lack the interpersonal skills necessary for employment. It can also be used to assess results of job-related social skills training. The TICE assessment is based on over four years of research with young adults with mild cognitive and developmental disabilities in vocational training facilities, community businesses, state rehabilitation agencies, and public schools.

TICE is a 61-item test designed to be orally administered in small groups. It was standardized on over 400 adolescents and adults with cognitive disabilities in the United States and Canada. The accompanying teacher’s guide makes TICE effective and easy to use.

The focus of this assessment is on strategies for effective interactions with supervisors and co-workers. Within the areas of supervisor-worker relationships and relationships with co-workers, the areas assessed are:

  • Responding to criticism and correction
  • Following instructions
  • Requesting assistance
  • Cooperative work behavior
  • Responding to teasing and provocation
  • Resolving personal concerns




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