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“Easy to follow and teach, well organized, seemed to touch on important points and issues” – Gail Thomas, Habilitation Instructor

Assess how your students perform social skills at home and in the community.

The CBSP assessment will allow you to accurately assess your students social skill performance in the home and in the community, providing you with the essential data required to establish an appropriate, individualized curriculum. The test uses verbal role-playing and multiple-choice responses to provide valuable information about your students in just 45 minutes. The CBSP assesses social and anti-social behavior and self-control.

This assessment was developed for a target population of both males and females, aged 14 to 21 years and is designed to assess the social skill performance of adolescents and young adults with emotional or behavioral disorders. This tool is also appropriate for adolescents with behavior disorders who have secondary disabilities such as learning or mild cognitive disabilities.

The CBSP is a rating scale that is designed to be completed by a third-party judge who is aware of the social behaviors performed by the adolescent or young adult when interacting with others (ie: family members, siblings, peers, service providers, and other adults) in community and living arrangements. The rater should be familiar enough with the individual to judge his or her behaviors in relation to these settings. Appropriate raters may include psychologists, counselors, teachers, residential care providers, parents, social workers, and case workers.

The program comes with a teaching guide and script, male and female testing material, a reproducible response form, and a response interpretation/scoring guide



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