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“Your Transitions Curriculum is wonderful! It is well-written and easy for our students to relate to. The suggestions and ideas in the teacher’s manual are an invaluable source of information and help the quality outcome in our life-skills classes. -Deborah McGichen, Teacher, Baltimore, MD

Life Management helps students answer the question: “How can I make choices that will lead to a happy and successful adult life?”

In this unit, students identify and practice the decisions they will make as responsible adults, including how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and enjoy leisure activities. Students are given options and opportunities for independent living while maintaining a satisfying family life.

Unit 1: Maintaining a Healthy Life

Unit 1 contains current research on how to live a healthy lifestyle and what affects our health. In this unit, students learn to develop and maintain healthy habits, including how to take control of their health by establishing lifelong healthy habits, such as eating healthy foods, getting enough sleep and water and making exercise or physical activity a regular part of their lives.

Unit 2: Enjoying Your Leisure Time

The information in Unit 2 leads students through activities in four areas: leisure, physical activity, recreation and reflection. Each of these areas is important for the student to incorporate into free time. Students also will learn about working alone or with others and the importance of choosing activities that fit into the budget.

Unit 3: Living on Your Own

In this unit, students will be involved directly in “living through” each activity. For example, they will choose a job, and then learn to live on the pay they receive from that job. While students are experiencing each activity, they will be asked to solve problems that are typical for most young people starting out on their own.

Unit 4: Planning for a Happy Family Life

The purpose of Unit 4 is to make students aware of the responsibilities they will have as they enter into adult relationships. This unit will give students the tools they need to make good decisions about relationships they will have. This unit also will help students learn the skills they need to become effective parents. Finally, this unit will help students learn the importance of reaching and keeping their personal life stable and healthy so that they can enjoy success in their career and other aspects of their lives.

Life Management content includes:

• Good health habits
• How to budget & save
• How to be a savvy shopper
• How to find a place to live
• How to use public transportation
• How to enjoy and manage leisure time
• Citizenship skills
• How to meet friends and partners
• Safety basics
• Basic baby care
• How to handle a crisis

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