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“Your Transitions Curriculum provides our special needs students of all levels with ‘real life’ school-to-work information. We refer to your program as ‘Life 101’!” – Barbara Klaus, Teacher, West Suffield, CT

Career Management asks, “What action can I take to have the future I want?”

In this unit, students will learn and apply methods of effective communication and steps to take to enter the career they have chosen. In addition, students will learn the necessary actions to take to become valued and successful employees and ways to become responsible members of their community.

Unit 1: Using Effective Communication Skills

The purpose of this unit is threefold: Students will recognize and understand their communication styles; learn about the personal benefits of effective communication; and gain new skills for communicating with their family, teachers, peers, supervisors, co-workers, and others. Students will become empowered with skills needed for success in school, home, and community.

Unit 2: Getting the Job for You

This unit will give students a process for finding the exact job they want in the career of their choice. In this process, students will seek out the exact job position and company for which they wish to work. They will learn to make contacts within the business world and then prepare for the interview.

Unit 3: Succeeding as an Employee

Lessons in this unit focus on learning skills to become a valued employee, such as getting along with co-workers, listening to the supervisor, and learning the job. In addition, students learn about going the extra mile and advancing.

Unit 4: Participating in Your Community

Lessons in this unit focus on learning how to give to the community through volunteering, recycling and conserving the environment. In addition, students learn about the resources available to them, including personal resources, community organizations and public agencies.

Career Management content includes:

• Effective Communication Skills
• How to conduct a job search
• How to write a resume
• How to complete applications
• How to interview for a job
• How to meet job expectations
• How to get along with others on the job
• How to avoid common job mistakes
• Employee rights and responsibilities
• How to handle rejection

Sample Lesson Plan



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