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“Wonderful programs. Never before have I shown instructional videos that have had so much impact. My students understand that how others evaluate us is greatly dependent on our presentation” -Kathleen Redmond, CA

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Teach your students essential skills for independent living with these comprehensive programs.

7 Life & Social Skills Programs: First Impressions, LifeSmart Curriculum, Mind Your Manners, Being With People, Home of Your Own, Living With Others, and Community Man.

The social and life skills programs in this category are all about helping individuals make it on their own in the real world.  Students will be taught about good hygiene, appropriate dress, grooming, attitude and what it takes to make a good First Impression, as well as how be “LifeSmart”.

The LifeSmart series provides over 18 hours of video instruction and includes programs that teach social skills in the areas of dating, money management, safety, friendship and work. The focus of LifeSmart is teaching the “Top10” core skills in areas crucial to life adjustment. LifeSmart uses the Stanfield Comedy Players to model both incorrect and appropriate behaviors in real-life situations.

The programs in our Living with Others Library teach necessary social skills, and how to use these skills to become a good roommate and interact with people in a positive way. Being with People teaches students the necessary social skills for successful interactions with friends, housemates, dates and authority figures. Home of Your Own teaches cooperative living skills needed to successfully live with others. Mind Your Manners helps students gain self-confidence by eliminating bad social behavior that can result in embarrassment and isolation. This program models classic right and wrong ways to interact with others in a humorous yet informative way. Students can then put all of these social skills into action to locate and use community resources in Community Man. In this program, students also learn how to be productive and responsible members in their neighborhoods.

Social & Life Skills is composed of (5) Programs:

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