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“I’ve checked out other products from other companies, but nothing works with our students like the Stanfield products. The exaggerated humor really keeps the students’ attention and we’ve found that the products consistently work. That’s why we keep buying these products over years- and why we’ll continue to do so.” – Joanne Petuchovas, First Occupational Center

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Ensure job success for your students by using our comprehensive school-to-work curricula. Teach job skills to your students with our competitive library of materials.

Surveys show that employers complain that too many young workers show up clueless about the work skills needed in the real world. Stanfield School-To-Work Skills programs cover all things job and work ethic related and will show your students what employers really want.

Our First Job Survival Skills series shows students how to be responsible and get a job, stay safe while at work, and avoid the kinds of behaviors that lead to termination. The series also outlines the 11 essential employee attributes and work skills and confronts the unrealistic fantasies many young people have about the world of work.

The Transitions Curriculum was designed by two nationally known transition experts and puts the student in the drivers seat by teaching them personal, career, and life management skills. The social skills needed in order to be approved by boss and co-workers are also taught. Transitions include 1,500 sequenced objectives, 300 lessons, assessment units, 600 worksheets and IEP meeting materials.

The Working Program uses VideoModeling to show students how to interview, land a job, and keep that job by getting along with the boss and co-workers. Included in this program are interviews with employers and counselors advising on how to present one’s self.

Finally, our JobSmart program, part of our comprehensive LifeSmart Curriculum, will teach students important social skills related to the workplace and show students how to avoid trouble on the job, how to have an appropriate attitude for work, and how to get a promotion. In this module, students will learn what experts consider to be work DOs and DON’Ts.


School To Work Skills is composed of (4) Programs:

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