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” There are no other products out there that compare to what your company has to offer.” – Lisa Groves, Program Coordinator

Created by experts in the field of child abuse prevention.

The No-Go-Tell!- Child Abuse Prevention Curriculum provides easy-to-teach lessons in child protection for children ages 3-7. This unique program was developed and tested by the Lexington Center Child Abuse and Disabled Children Program specifically for children with developmental and learning disabilities.

Since its publication, the No-Go-Tell curriculum has been implemented in preschool and elementary schools in thirty five states and six foreign countries. Its successful approach of teaching children with special needs has been equally useful for teaching personal safety to very young children without disabilities.

This program teaches four fundamental prevention concepts:

• Who are family, friends, familiar people, and strangers

• What is “OK” touch and “not OK” touch

• What are private parts

• Who and how to tell about an abusive incident

Included in the program:

• 76 simply illustrated teaching panels with a unique system of flaps that translate the difficult concepts of exploitation into concrete rules and ideas

• A set of boy and girl anatomically correct dolls for role-playing and demonstration

• Administrator’s & Teacher’s guide with implementation instructions, a parent sensitization section, and adaptation suggestions for various disabilities

• Post-instruction test to ensure that each child has acquired the necessary protection skills. (Includes 21 illustrated teaching panels.)


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