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“Great. The kids really enjoyed the videos and the message came across loud and clear.” -Lisa Coney, Counselor

Featuring Chester the Cat,  a beloved champion for protection and advocacy against child sexual abuse.

Child Sexual Abuse: A Solution provides you with all you need to implement a child protection program in your school. Developed by experts, the program outlines professional responsibilities, enlists parental support, and uses a gentle approach that helps children protect themselves. Also included are the professional and legal obligations for teachers and school systems.

Acclaimed as the number one Child Abuse Prevention Program in America, this program specifically addresses three separate groups: teachers, parents, and children. By enlisting the participation and support of everyone, Child Sexual Abuse: A Solution will help you to develop a truly effective child protection program.

Child Sexual Abuse: A Solution features Chester the Cat who introduces the primary level children’s programs. Chester has become a beloved champion for child protection and advocacy.

The program comes with 3 DVD’s: One for children, one for teachers and administrators, and one for parents.


For Children Who Experience Sexual Abuse:

(Preschool- Grade 6)

• How to recognize and avoid sexual abuse

• How to react when abuse does happen

• Coping with fear, guilt and poor self-esteem when abuse occurs

• How to recognize good and bad touch

• How to protect oneself yet remain open to real caring and love


For Teachers and Administrators of an Abused Child:

• An overview of Federal Law and reporting requirements

• Protection by the Law and anonymity rules

• Professional obligations and Civil liabilities

• How to handle disclosure

• What conditions mandate making a report

• How to make a report

• Agencies available for help

• Developing a child abuse program in your school

• Enlisting the support of parents


For Parents of an Abused Child

• Reviews the problem of child abuse

• Examines how to talk to children about sexual abuse

• Discusses the elements of a child abuse program



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