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“Changes In You is a great contribution to the critically important topic of sexuality education for young, special learners. I highly recommend it.” -Family Life Educator Magazine

Help students develop strong positive feelings about themselves as they make the transitions to puberty.

Help students from grades 4-9 to develop strong, positive feelings about themselves as they make the transition into puberty. Changes In You provides a gentle and sensitive approach that helps girls and boys feel confident and comfortable with the physical and emotional changes of the teen years. Included are easy-to-read books for independent use by students or as a resource for parents. Information covers topics directly related to puberty including basic hygiene and health care and includes a variety of follow-up activities to reinforce lessons.

The program uses a non-threatening approach as a first step in sexual education that is an effective prerequisite to the LifeHorizons and LifeFacts programs. This positive approach helps students learn that the physical, social and emotional changes experienced during puberty are normal and healthy. This program also incorporates making healthy decisions, developing appropriate social behaviors, learning to report medical problems related to private body parts, and sexual abuse prevention strategies. Changes In You prepares students with a gentle understanding of their personal development.

The complete program includes 70 highly realistic 11″ x 14″ laminated Teaching Pictures, illustrated books for student or parental use, and a comprehensive curriculum guide with plenty of teaching suggestions. The illustrated books are easy-to-read and understand and are perfect for independent use by students to reinforce lessons.  The books may also be used by parents for instruction at home. Life illustrations offer a sensitive approach to understanding the variety of physical and emotional changes experienced during puberty.