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“The students look forward to these lessons. When we did not finish the workbooks during the school year, many students asked if they could finish it over the summer vacation. It was so good to see students that enthusiastic. Their interest is a testimony to the success of the program.” Perter Valletutti, Professor

Fitting In: Getting Along With Others

Part 2: Soft Skills teaches students the relationship between having Prosocial skills and social successes.

This volume will teach your students how to make good first impressions as well as how to build and maintain good relationships. Students will learn why relationships require effort, why good relationships matter, and how to achieve them. Lessons help students understand what causes social failure as well as where to get the help they need to achieve their goals. Part 2: Soft Skills is comprised of 6 units.

Unit 7: Personality Plus

Making a Likable You – Teach your students the behaviors that make people more likable.

Unit 8: First Encounters of the Best Kind

Making a Good First Impression – Students will learn the behaviors that make good first impressions.

Unit 9: Built to Last

Keeping Relationships Going – Students will learn behaviors that help maintain meaningful relationships.

Unit 10: The View From You

Knowing Yourself Will Help You Succeed – Teach your students to self-assessment tools to evaluate reasons for their social successes or failures.

Unit 11: Reach Out

We All Need Somebody – Students will learn the relationship between effort and social failure as well as how to recognize when they need assistance.

Unit 12: Well Worth It

Good Relationships Are Worth Working For – Students will complete this unit with a clear understanding of why healthy relationships matter.

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