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“The students look forward to these lessons. When we did not finish the workbooks during the school year, many students asked if they could finish it over the summer vacation. It was so good to see students that enthusiastic. Their interest is a testimony to the success of the program.” Perter Valletutti, Professor
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Making The Effort is a motivational program that will teach your students the importance of perseverance and grit in accomplishing their goals.

Based upon the motivational Theory of Attribution (how people behave is dependent on what they “attribute” their behavior may or may not bring), Making The Effort will teach your students that THEY determine whether they succeed or fail in reaching their Transition goals.

Teach your students that of the three elements of success- effort, luck, and talent- EFFORT IS THE ONLY ONE THEY CAN CONTROL.

Making The Effort, a two-part program for LD, EH, and ID secondary students, teaches the relationship between working hard and acquiring soft skills in attaining work and social goals. Students learn to see that their own efforts are the primary causes of their successes. Conversely, students will learn to view a lack of effort as the primary cause of failure.

Making The Effort was developed to help students develop adaptive motivation systems — social skills and behaviors that will bring them success. Attribution theory suggests that we feel more motivated if we have a sense of control over our own lives. Consequently, Making The Effort makes a systematic attempt to help students develop a greater sense of control.

Students learn to attribute success to hard work and using prosocial soft skills, instead of luck or circumstances.

“The material is the very best that I have seen for promoting social growth. The attribution theory (the belief that an adaptive motivation system will increase chances of succeeding) is very readily applied to youngsters with handicaps. I am very pleased with the social skills that are emphasized. In almost every lesson, we discussed a problem that students had encountered before. This made the lessons very personal in nature and therefore much more meaningful. Since youngsters with handicaps are often dependent on feelings rather than academic knowledge, they tended to do exceptionally well with this curriculum.”

  • Lib Elks, Teacher of SED, LD, and EMH students, 8th-9th grade, Greenville City Schools, North Carolina

Part 1: Hard Work

GRIT: perseverance in the face of repeated failure.
Teaches students to take charge of their lives and develop the motivation to succeed.

Part 2: Soft Skills

Fitting In: getting along with others
Teaches students the relationship between having prosocial skills and social success.

Making The Effort Complete is composed of (2) Programs:



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