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“The students look forward to these lessons. When we did not finish the workbooks during the school year, many students asked if they could finish it over the summer vacation. It was so good to see students that enthusiastic. Their interest is a testimony to the success of the program.” Perter Valletutti, Professor

Grit: Perseverance in the Face of Repeated Failure

Part 1: Hard Work teaches students to take charge of their lives and develop the motivation to succeed.

This volume will teach your students how they can control their effort to bring success in both social and work settings. Students will learn the importance of grit, perseverance in the face of repeated failure, and how to develop the trait. Lessons give students clear, real-life examples of how effort pays off, what kinds of effort impress employers and friends, how to use effort to compensate for limitations. Part 1: Hard Work is comprised of 6 units.

Unit 1: Going the Distance

Effort Leads to Success – Teach your students the ways that they can control and change their efforts and consequently succeed or fail.

Unit 2: Limits Unlimited

Effort Will Take You as Far as You Can Go – Students will learn that expending extra effort gives them their best shot at success when faced with unchangeable limitations.

Unit 3: Fail-Proof Planning

Know What You Need to Know – Teach your students how to identify tasks required to achieve goals.

Unit 4: Proved Positive

Putting Yourself in a Good Light – Teach your students how to identify benefits derived from their efforts.

Unit 5: Seeing It Like It Is

Knowing Why You Make It and Why You Don’t – Students will learn to recognize situations where success should be attributed to effort and failure to their lack of effort.

Unit 6: Winning Ticket

Effort, Success and Feeling Good About You – Students will identify the results of understanding the relationship between effort and success or failure.

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