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“When students see your logo on the screen, they start applauding!” – Susan Simon, Principal

Proven effective in teaching people with developmental disabilities. Provides your students with cooperative social skills needed to live with others.

After meeting “The Housemates from Hell,” your students will learn the cooperative living skills needed to successfully live with others. The program contains 32 video scenarios illustrate classic interpersonal conflicts and ways to solve them.

Teach your students classic domestic conflicts and ways to solve them.

One challenge in the movement toward individual housing and away from larger group homes and institutions has been that individuals with cognitive or emotional challenges may not have the social and daily living skills that make it possible to get along with others as roommates. Home of Your Own is designed to prepare individuals to get along with housemates and resolve the classic conflicts that arise when sharing living quarters.

Teach your students cooperative living skills with proven effectiveness.

Cooperative living skills are broadly defined as the skills that facilitate living and getting along with others. Home of Your Own, developed by the Ohio State University Newsmonger Center, was extensively field-tested and proven effective in teaching people with developmental disabilities the social skills needed to share a room or apartment. These modeled solutions, along with discussion and role-playing activities, will teach your students the social skills they need to successfully live with others.

Topics include:

  • Conflicts with Housemates
  • Conflicts with Strangers and Acquaintances
  • Conflicts with Staff & Service Providers
  • Sharing Common Areas
  • Borrowing/Lending Belongings
  • Borrowing/Lending Money
  • Sharing Expenses
  • Community Awareness
  • Consumer Skills



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