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Community Man will help your students gain independence by teaching them all they need to know about common community resources in 32 easy-to-follow scenarios.

Community Man promotes independent living by teaching students all they need to know about community resources. Teach students important social skills for successful independent living like how to interact with medical staff, pharmacists, police, and fire department.

Living life to the fullest–this is a goal we all share, including individuals with special needs who are attempting independent living. Achieving this goal requires knowing how to live independently in the community. In order to live independently, we need to know what community resources are available and how to make the best use of these resources.

Many students with special needs recognize that community resources exist but few of them have a comprehensive grasp of all of the services available, or how and when to use these services. This lack of knowledge limits their participation in the community and can be life-threatening in an emergency.

While many community resources exist, no community services are more important for independent living than those dealing with health and personal safety such as medical, police and fire services. In the Community Man program, your students will discover the broad range of services their community provides in areas of health and safety and receive valuable tips from expert practitioners in these areas.  Your students will also find out the best ways to access these services and will gain the confidence they need to use these services in a way that will let them enjoy safer, healthier, happier, more independent lives.

Each part of “Community Man focuses on a specific community resource and how the help independent living: The Fire Department, The Police Department, Health Care, and The Pharmacy. Your students will learn all they need to know about common community resources including:

• What specific services each resource provides
• How to get emergency services and medical care—even if you can’t pay for it
• How to use a pharmacist as a health consultant
• How to interact with the police and what kinds of non-emergency services the police can provide.
• When and how to call the fire department for emergency and non-emergency services.
• How willing the staff is to give the extra time to customers with special needs
• What common misconceptions people have about certain services
• What customers can do to maximize the service they receive
• When the best time is to use their services to get individualized attention… And More!

Hosting this series is “Community Man,” who takes on a series of disguises to get an insider’s look at what services each resource provides. This entertaining approach adds humor, interest and impact to the program.



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