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This is the ultimate bundle for teaching your students the essential social skills they will need in order to thrive independently.

Your students will learn the rules of the road for interacting appropriately with others as well as the 100 social skills needed in order to have graceful social interactions and establish positive relationships. You will also teach your students what skills they will need to become a good roommate. Last, but not least, show students how to get emergency help, interact with police, fire department, and medical staff.

The Living With Others Library Includes:

Home of Your Own

This program illustrates classic domestic conflicts and teaches ways to solve them. It is field-tested and proven effective in teaching individuals with developmental disabilities. Home of Your Own provides students with cooperative skills needed to live with others.

Community Man

This program teaches students how to interact with medical staff, pharmacists, police, and the fire department in 32 easy-to-follow scenarios.



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