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“…Such a quality product. The content, pacing, and built-in review show a true understanding of the components needed to present an excellent lesson to students with special needs. -Deborah Rosengarten, Instructional Facilitator

Teach students social skills & safety skills for home, using transportation, and how to be safe as a pedestrian. Students will learn how to avoid accidents.

SafetySmart teaches students the most important behaviors related to being safe at home, as a pedestrian, and when using public transportation.

Part 1: How to Be Safe at Home

Teaches how to avoid injuries at home including: safety in the kitchen and bathroom; safety using electrical cords and appliances; and safeguarding against house fires. Segments include:

  •     Avoiding bathroom falls
  •     Cooking safely
  •     Using smoke detectors
  •     Keeping electrical appliances away from water
  •     Locking doors
  •     Keeping hazards off steps
  •     Medicine chest safety
  •     And more!

Part 2: How to Be Safe as a Pedestrian

Teaches basic pedestrian safety including: crosswalk savvy and defensive walking, how to pick a safe route/avoiding shortcuts; and responding to being followed. Segments include:

  •     Crosswalk safety
  •     Defensive walking near traffic
  •     Recognizing dangerous streets
  •     Choosing safe routes to and from home
  •     Avoiding shortcuts
  •     Staying in public view
  •     What to do when being followed
  •     And more!

Part 3: How to Be Safe Using Transportation

Teaches transportation safety including: using a bus schedule; self-protection and safety on the bus; and saying “no” to drivers who have been drinking alcohol. Segments include:

  •     Bus safety rules
  •     How to avoid being robbed
  •     Carrying correct change
  •     Following the bus schedule
  •     Bus stop hazards
  •     Wearing a helmet when bike riding
  •     Using seat belts
  •     Avoiding rides with a drunk driver
  •     And more!



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