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“Your materials have been a lifesaver for us. Because our students are strong visual learners, the video components [of LifeSmart] work out great…The language, too, is right on target-easy to understand yet no letting the students feel they’re being talked down to.” -Bill Evans, Cardinal Cushing School

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Teach students the essential social skills directly related to friendship and trust.

We want our students to have friends to enrich their lives, make them feel connected, and help them in times of need. One of the key thrusts of the PeopleSmart social skills program is the distinction it emphasizes between friends, acquaintances, and strangers.

Whether with a friend, acquaintance, teacher, supervisor, or in the community, your students need good social skills for a successful independent life. With PeopleSmart, you’ll teach the essential social skills needed to promote graceful, social interactions and to establish positive relationships.

Students are challenged to rethink the common tendency to refer to anyone they know as a friend.  Your students will learn that friends are people who look out for their best interests and who genuinely care about their well-being, acquaintances are simply people they have met, recognize, or interacted with from time to time, and strangers are people who they have never met and don’t know at all. In PeopleSmart your students will learn the NotSmart and the PeopleSmart ways to meet people, make friends, develop long-term relationships and avoid being taken advantage of by “friendly” acquaintances and strangers.

The distinction between friends and acquaintances is critical, especially for a population that has a history in our culture of being easily taken advantage of and exploited. By being aware of these distinctions, students will be able to avoid exploitation and maintain healthy friendships.

  • The entertaining comedy format of PeopleSmart insures student attention. Motivating students to focus on a topic can be difficult. Your students will stay on task with the humorous and entertaining situation-comedy format presented in this series.

The PeopleSmart Social Skills Series is composed of 6 parts:

Part 1: How to Meet People

Students will learn 10 ways to meet people with common interests and the specific do’s and don’ts for projecting an “I’m Interested” attitude.

Part 2: How to Turn an Acquaintance Into a Friend

Your students will learn what people do to go beyond being an acquaintance and become a real friend.

Part 3: How to Deepen a Friendship

This part deals with the kinds of friends you can trust with your most intimate thoughts and feelings and who you can count on to stand by you in bad times.

Part 4: How to Mistake Friendliness for Friendship

Teach your students to develop realistic expectations for friendly neighbors, co-workers, etc…vs. real friends.

Part 5: How to Avoid Getting Into Trouble with Strangers

Students will learn to recognize and avoid potentially exploitative strangers and understand the importance of trusting warning feelings.

Part 6: How to be Attractive

A discussion on what behaviors and attitudes support opposite-sex/romantic relationships.


PeopleSmart Social Skills is composed of (2) Modules:



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