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“LifeSmart is a smart approach for teaching students how to be “socially smarter”. The vignettes are humorous, and most importantly, do not “talk down” to our clients.” – Ryan Gill, Special Education Teacher

PeopleSmart 1 focuses on the specific social skills needed to meet and keep friends.

Students will learn the 10 best ways to meet people, how to distinguish between an acquaintance and a real friend, and what to do to maintain a good relationship.

Your students will learn that what is socially correct by watching how other interact in social situations. PeopleSmart uses VideoModels to dramatize successful and unsuccessful ways of relating to others. VideoModeling provides role ideals or social skills models to demonstrate specific social behaviors that can be emulated by students. You can review these behaviors with your students through stop action replay. Your students will learn how positive behaviors affect others and will witness the unfortunate consequences of inappropriate behavior.

Part 1: How to Meet People:

Your students will see what attitudes and behaviors people adopt to isolate themselves and the top 10 ways to meet new people. Segments Include:

  •      Appearing interested
  •     Appearing approachable
  •     Attending Social Gatherings
  •     Respecting personal space
  •     Introducing self
  •     Being open-minded
  •     Joining clubs
  •     Volunteering services
  •     Dressing appropriately
  •     Maintaining good hygiene
  •     And more!

Part 2: How to Turn an Acquaintance into a Friend:

Most of the people we see on a regular basis never become our friends. They remain acquaintances, in other words, people who are just friendly. Friends are more than friendly; they care about what is best for us. Your students will learn what people do to become and be a real friend.  Segments include:

  •     Accepting differing views
  •     Showing interest & attention
  •     Negotiating conflicts
  •     Sharing
  •     Self-disclosure
  •     Accepting Invitations
  •     Keeping Commitments
  •     Being loyal
  •     Being receptive
  •     Showing support
  •     Offering help
  •     And more!

Part 3: How to Deepen a Friendship:

Deals with the kinds of friends you can trust with your most intimate thoughts and feelings, who you can count on to stand by you in bad times. Students will learn what to do to develop and nurture a deep relationship. Segments include:

  •     Avoiding gossip
  •     Keeping secrets
  •     Telling the truth
  •     Keeping promises/agreements
  •     Keeping in touch
  •     Offering comfort in times of need
  •     Offering help
  •     Defending
  •     Avoiding flirting with friend’s significant other
  •     Apologizing/ making amends
  •     And more!



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