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“Our first class utilizing the curriculum loved it. Great discussion points!” -Dena Launderville, Director

Teach your students how to budget effectively and avoid common financial pitfalls. Teach students how to be MoneySmart to budget and keep their hard-earned dollars. Includes social skills like shopping safety and how to recognize scams.

MoneySmart 2 teaches students how to keep their hard-earned dollars by avoiding the most common budget busters. They’ll also learn how to steer clear of scams and con artists, as well as how to plan ahead, and allow for financial emergencies.

Part 4: How to Avoid Blowing your Budget

Teaches how to avoid making budget-busting mistakes, make a budget, buy what’s needed before what’s wanted, and establish a payment schedule. Segments include:

  •     Making a budget
  •     Paying monthly bills
  •     Putting needs before wants
  •     Setting money aside for emergencies
  •     Lending money
  •     Borrowing money
  •     And more!

Part 5: How to Avoid Being Duped or Scammed

Teaches how to recognize common scams and rip-offs and what to avoid, including falling for TV scams and buying anything over the telephone. Segments include:

  •     Mail scams
  •     Buying over the phone
  •     Listening to solicitors
  •     Buying mail order
  •     Answering chain letters
  •     Pre-paying
  •     Giving cash to panhandlers
  •     And more!

Part 6: How to Be Safe While Shopping

Teaches how to shop safely and reduce the chances of being exploited while shopping by not flashing cash or expensive purchases; refusing to disclose personal information and correctly carrying purse or wallet. Segments include:

  •     How to avoid being pickpocketed
  •     Avoiding flashing money/expensive purchases
  •     Being alert to theft
  •     Not looking like a victim
  •     Disclosing personal information to strangers
  •     Correctly carrying purses and wallets
  •     Carrying packages correctly
  •     And more!




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