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“Very good! The individuals I worked with loved the videos. These products worked when others did not.” -Victor Petillo, Consultant

Teach your students effective social skills strategies for financial fitness.

MoneySmart 1 focuses on careful budgeting, smart shopping, and wise spending. Students learn the basics of stretching a dollar and using MoneySmart money sense. The importance of comparison-shopping, looking for discounts, and wise use of credit cards are emphasized in this module.

Part 1: How to Avoid Being a Compulsive Shopper:

Teaches the pitfalls of compulsive shopping and why savvy shoppers: comparison shop; wait for items to go on sale and verify return-ability. Segments include:

  •     Waiting for items to go on sale
  •     Comparison shopping
  •     Checking for added costs
  •     Checking warrantees
  •     Verifying ability to return items
  •     Researching product reviews
  •     Recognizing impulse product displays
  •     And more!

Part 2: How to Avoid Being a Spendthrift:

Teaches the most common ways people throw money away and how to: control credit card spending; look for the quantity discount; and use coupons and rebates. Segments include:

  •     Avoiding credit debt
  •     Using coupon and rebate offers
  •     Finding quantity discounts
  •     Buying based on need rather than want
  •     And more!

Part 3: How to Be a Savvy Shopper:

Teaches your students common shopping mistakes and tips on how to avoid problems by: buying only products with respected brands; buying only from major retailers; and resisting common high-pressure sales lines. Segments include:

  •     Buying from major retailers
  •     Buying brand names
  •     Checking/saving receipts
  •     Resisting high-pressure sales tactics
  •     Not mistaking salespeople for friends
  •     And more!



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