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“I love your products. We use the JobSmart Series to help kids problem solve work situations.” -Christine Monroe, Speech-Language Pathologist

Teach job safety and productive attitudes that lead to advancement.

Part 4: How to Get a Promotion

Your students will learn the top 10 job skills employees need to be considered for a promotion, and that even with strong job skills, a bad attitude or work ethic would be noticed. Job skills include:

  •     Getting along well with others
  •     Showing enthusiasm
  •     Communicating willingness to do whatever tasks need to be done
  •     Working extra hours
  •     Volunteering for tasks
  •     Not being a clock-watcher
  •     And more!

Part 5: How to Avoid Getting Fired

Your students will see actions and behaviors that can result in immediate termination and the top 10 ways to avoid being fired. Job Skills include:

  •     Treating customers with respect
  •     Obeying safety rules
  •     Not harassing co-workers
  •     Being honest
  •     Obeying supervisor’s orders
  •     Not stealing/borrowing supplies
  •     Avoiding drugs/alcohol at work
  •     And more!

Part 6: How to Avoid Getting Hurt

Your students will learn the 10 most common ways people get hurt at work and the 10 ways to work safely. Job skills include:

  •     Wearing personal protective equipment
  •     Operating equipment at proper speeds
  •     Machinery precautions
  •     Using the right tool for the job
  •     Avoiding defective tools and machines
  •     Obeying safety signs/procedures
  •     Properly loading/storing materials
  •     Avoiding safety shortcuts
  •     And more!



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