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“Great! LifeSmart Programs intrigue & motivate my students!” -Betsy Coffey, Transitions Teacher

JobSmart 1 teaches basic job-related social skills such as getting along with co-workers, and satisfying the boss in hilarious real-life situations.

Part 1: How to Avoid Staying Unemployed

Your students will see the top 10 things people do, or don’t do, that keep them unemployed and what to do instead. They’ll learn specific job skills they can use to find a job and that being employed is not a matter of good luck, who you know, or even a matter of talent! Job skills include:

  •     How to look for a job
  •     Making a job search plan
  •     Adjusting aspirations
  •     Dressing appropriately
  •     Appearing positive
  •     Communicating job skills
  •     Knowing self-worth
  •     Being flexible
  •     Compromising for future opportunity
  •     And more!

Part 2: How to Avoid Irritating Co-Workers

Your students will learn what is most irritating to co-workers, and what to do instead. Humorous vignettes make this topic crystal- clear. Job skills include:

  •     Appearing friendly
  •     Avoiding distraction
  •     Respecting personal space
  •     Respecting work rules
  •     Maintaining good body hygiene
  •     Being helpful
  •     Taking responsibility for mistakes
  •     Avoiding gossip
  •     Avoiding being seen as a trouble maker
  •     And more!

Part 3: How to Avoid Irritating the Boss

The Stanfield Comedy Players have a field day with this topic. The top 10 ways to irritate the boss are illustrated along with what to do instead. Job skills include:

  •     Avoiding taking too many breaks
  •     Being on time
  •     Staying at assigned work stations
  •     Avoiding personal calls
  •     Discouraging chatter with co-workers
  •     Following Instructions
  •     And more!




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