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“LifeSmart is thoughtfully created to meet the needs of students transitioning from school to independent living.” -Jennifer Muller Transition/Work Experience Specialist

DateSmart 2 teaches social skills to students like how to control their emotions and avoid impulsive reactions to intimate situations.

Through humorous NotSmart DateSmart examples, students learn what actions can lead to trouble. The program teaches men not to date minors and how to refrain from manipulative actions that harm women. Women learn how to recognize trouble and how to avoid behavior that can send unintentional, provocative signals. Common misconceptions about the opposite gender are addressed.

Part 4: How Girls Can Avoid Getting Into Trouble:

Your female students will see what they can do to avoid the possibility of exploitation. Note: It’s never a girl’s fault if she is victimized; however, women can take precautions by not sending mixed or confusing messages. Segments include:

  • Dating older guys
  • Loss of defenses from drugs and alcohol
  • Going home with a stranger
  • Accepting gifts
  • Avoiding dangerous situations
  • Sending mixed messages
  • And more!

Part 5: How Guys Can Avoid Getting Into Trouble:

Your male students will learn to avoid the most common ways guys get into trouble, from dating a minor to getting a girl pregnant. They’ll also learn about how hard the law can be with men who don’t listen to “No.”Segments include:

  • Supporting a partner’s “no”
  • Mistaking flirting for permission
  • Thinking of consequences before acting
  • Controlling sexual drives
  • Consequences of sexual harassment
  • Avoiding dates with minors
  • And more!

Part 6: Understanding the Sexes:

One of the most common reasons guys get into trouble with girls is that they believe girls think the same way about intimate human relationships as they do. In this show, students will learn that women and men really do think differently! Segments include:

  • Battle of the sexes
  • Male perceptions
  • Female perceptions
  • Mixed signals
  • And more!



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