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“At first we thought our students wouldn’t understand the DateSmart approach… However, before returning the product, we showed it to them and they loved it…and learned from it!” -Easter Seals of America

DateSmart 1 uses a realistic approach to teach students social skills like how to support the choice for abstinence and how to set sexual boundaries.

DateSmart 1 teaches skills necessary to survive in a modern dating world where sex without commitment is frequently practiced. It provides students with tips on how to respond to common pick-up lines as well as how to refuse to have sex with someone in spite of their raging hormones. It provides students with techniques to apply to real-world experiences they will probably encounter, if not now, in the future. The program also asks students to consider their boundaries and presents ways to protect those limits.

Part 1: The Art of Saying “No”:

Your students will learn how to assertively, but not hurtfully, counter common seduction techniques. The unique “I’ll P.A.S.S.” abstinence model is introduced. Segments include:

  • Responding to common lines
  • Using the “I’ll Pass Refusal Model
  • And more!

Part 2: How to Practice Abstinence:

Students will learn that the best way to support a decision for abstinence is to avoid being in situations where that decision could be seriously tested. Abstinence conflicts and choices are clearly illustrated, along with a second illustration of the delivery of the “I’ll P.A.S.S.” refusal model. Segments include:

  • Using the “I’ll PASS Refusal Model
  • Sex vs. love
  • Setting limits
  • Avoiding tempting situations
  • Loss of control from alcohol/drugs
  • Remaining in control
  • Alternative ways to express love
  • Staying in groups
  • Double dating
  • And more!

Part 3: How to Protect Boundaries:

Students will learn the importance of establishing and maintaining appropriate intimacy boundaries around touch, conversation, and physical settings. Segments include:

  • Protecting personal space
  • Maintaining touch and conversation intimacy levels appropriate to the relationship
  • Sticking to predetermined limits to sexual intimacy
  • Avoiding persuasion from people older or more powerful
  • Saying “No” to inappropriate advances


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