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“LifeFacts is very teacher-friendly… Having the lesson plan on the back of the teaching illustrations is very convenient!” -Jade Seffernick, Special Ed. Teacher

This edition of LifeFacts Social Skills Activities provides teaches students important lessons about health so they can live self-sufficiently & safely. Help students gain independence with health-related life skills.

Teach your students 22 important lessons about health so they can live self-sufficiently and safely. Designed especially for people with learning difficulties who need preparation against the dangers of illnesses and injury so they may have a successful and independent lifestyle. Specific strategies are included for physicians and health care workers who need to communicate between patients and health care systems. You’ll also receive wallet cards and phone labels designed to help students cope in the event of an emergency. Teaching materials use role-playing and include Teaching Illustrations for effective presentation. LifeFacts worksheets can be adapted for use with nonverbal students.

Understanding the proper use of medication is critical for independent living. This module will prepare students with an understanding of the importance of the timely and accurate intake of prescribed medications along with their dangers. A special section illustrates self-medication where you’ll discuss safe practices with special emphasis against sharing medication. Students will learn to work with a doctor, make appointments, and ask the right questions during a medical exam.

Part 1: Illness & Injury

Topics include definitions of illnesses, levels of severity, germs, colds/flu, stomach illnesses, bleeding/bites/burns, bones/bumps/bruises, eye/mouth infections, emergencies, seizures, chest pain, poisoning and choking.

Part 2: Self-Care & Self- Medication

Topics include temperature taking, following doctor’s orders, getting help, making arrangements, medication management, understanding prescription labels and getting a prescription filled.

Part 3: Prevention & Preparedness

Topics include illness prevention, injury prevention, first aid supplies, heath care consumerism, insurance issues, working with a doctor and wallet card/phone labels.




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