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“LifeFacts is an excellent product, very user friendly!” – Connie Funk, Agency Support Manager

This edition of LifeFacts Social Skills Activities teaches your students how to effectively manage the four basic emotions: anger, sadness, fear and joy. Students learn how to apply the C.A.L.M System of managing emotions.

This program teaches your students helpful techniques in effectively managing the four basic emotions: anger, sadness, fear, and joy. Your students will learn the four-step C.A.L.M. System for identifying and reacting to “feelings” to optimize personal satisfaction, promote positive relationships, and improve self-esteem. The C.A.L.M approach is especially suitable for use with persons with learning and developmental disabilities as it stresses active management rather than analysis of emotions. Common, real-life situations that typically evoke specific emotions are illustrated, as well as, an effective C.A.L.M. response to them.

Recognizing Emotions

The program helps students recognize and name the “core” emotions and what they mean and identifies external clues to emotional states. It also helps students learn how to experience empathy with others.

Emotional Management Techniques

Students learn how to apply the C.A.L.M System of emotional management to everyday situations through direct instruction using the Teaching Pictures, role-playing, and follow-up activities.

With this program you’ll help students:

• Learn to calm themselves before deciding to act on their feelings.

• Learn that having feelings does not mean they have to be acted out.

• Express anger without blowing-up or resorting to violence.

• Cope with sadness and compensate for loss.

• Handle fear by taking action instead of withdrawing.

• Understand what makes people happy, including the “Seven Steps To Happiness.”



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