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“The value and impact of this curriculum is immeasurable!” -Diane Harris

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LifeFacts Family Life social skills activities are especially useful for persons with developmental and learning disabilities.

The LifeFacts Family Life Curriculum Series is a course of study for individuals with special needs on topics relevant to living life more fully, safely, and healthfully.  Each LifeFacts curriculum represents a core body of knowledge indispensible to making competent decisions and taking appropriate actions within a specific life context…from human sexuality and abuse prevention to wellness and money management. Focusing on essential and pragmatic information, the LifeFacts materials are especially useful for persons with developmental and learning disabilities.  Individual programs include Abuse prevention, Smart Trust, AIDS, Managing Emotions, Sexuality, Substance Abuse and Injury & Illness.

Elements of the Life Facts Family Life Series:

1. The heart of each LifeFacts Family Life program is a diagnostic/prescriptive curriculum which uses a sequence of behavioral objectives and lesson plans to prescribe instruction.

2. A collection of teaching pictures is included on DVD in order to present and reinforce lesson content. The teaching pictures are also useful in presentations or in assessment interviews.

3. LifeFacts Family Life also includes student worksheets to follow-up and reinforce learning

4. Pretest/post-test instruments are included to assess student knowledge. Each item is keyed to a lesson for referencing and assessment.

5. Assessment questions are included in order to assess student knowledge, prepare an IEP, etc.




LifeFacts Family Life Series is composed of (6) Programs:



LifeFacts: Sexuality
This program provides the essential information necessary to teach the facts of intimate human relationships to adolescents and adults with special needs. Includes section on HIV / AIDS.


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