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“The LifeFacts: Sexual Abuse prevention pictures helped me train children to identify sexual abuse, talk about past abuse, and make a safety plan.” -Bill Paul, Counselor

The LifeFacts social skills activities are Designed to provide you with materials needed to teach sexual abuse prevention for adolescents and adults. Teach your students essential self-protection and sexual abuse prevention skills in 3 basic areas.

LifeFacts: Sexual Abuse Prevention contains all the essential materials and information necessary to teach sexual abuse recognition, prevention, and protection strategies for adults and adolescents. The program provides concepts that are presented in simple terms and materials, which are logically sequenced and paced for ease of presentation. Pretest and post-tests for each of the instructional areas assess entry- level needs and allow evaluation of student understanding of this critical material.

Recognition of Sexual Abuse

Teaches students how to recognize sexual abuse from acceptable forms of behavior. Identifies private body zones; good touch vs. bad touch, illegal sexual behaviors as well as kinds of sexual exploitation and assault.

Self-Protection Strategies

Shows students effective self-protection strategies to help prevent sexual abuse. Provides them with methods of self-assertion, safety tips, and insight into the right of mutual respect. For professionals, parents, and advocates concerned with improving the quality of life for individuals with developmental disabilities, personal safety education is a must!

Reporting and Coping with Sexual Abuse

Gives students the knowledge necessary for reporting and coping with sexual exploitation. LifeFacts: Sexual Abuse Prevention is unique in providing instruction for both the preventive and reactive aspects of sexual abuse. Let students know to whom they should report abuses, and how to deal with having been abused. Designed for individual or group instruction.



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