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“Life Horizons II was an effective tool for instructing my clients, who are adults with downs syndrome.” – Kim Morgan, Counselor

Teach your students the moral, legal and social aspects of Family Life and intimate relationships.

The Life Horizons II Family Life program, developed at the request of many users of Life Horizons I who needed additional material on the psychosocial aspects of intimate human contact, focuses on attitudes and behaviors that promote good interpersonal relationships and responsible sexual behavior.

Part 1: Building Self- Esteem & Establishing Relationships

Helps students come to terms with individual limitations and disabilities and develop effective expression of feelings and emotions along with a respect for the feelings of others.

Part 2: Moral, Legal and Social Aspects of Sexual Behavior- Male

Illustrates rules and laws of the community regarding nudity and sexuality. From a male perspective, definitions of public vs. private places are given and unacceptable behaviors that are likely to bring unwanted results are discussed.

Part 3: Moral, Legal and Social Aspects of Sexual Behavior- Female

Focuses on the female during a presentation of community rules and laws governing nudity and sexual behavior. Discusses public and private places as well as behavior that is not socially acceptable.

Part 4: Dating Skills & Learning to Love

Illustrates appropriate conversation, manners and ways of showing affection in public vs. private settings. Stresses the need for respecting your dating partner and responsible sexual behavior.

Part 5: Marriage & Other Adult Lifestyles

Outlines the responsibilities that come with intimate relationships. Emphasizes that marriage is a highly complex, challenging, rewarding and often very difficult arrangement while illustrating alternative living arrangements.

Part 6: Parenting

Outlines parental responsibilities and presents a realistic picture of the demanding task of child rearing. Illustrates the possible negative impact of children on the coping ability of married couples with developmental disabilities.

Part 7: Preventing or Coping with Sexual Abuse

Dramatizes situations where abuse may occur for better understanding. Show how to recognize the characteristics of abusive relationships and presents self-protection methods.



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