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“I am currently using LifeHorizons for socio-sexual skills education. It is a very effective educational tool.” – Heather Laushway, Social Worker

Teach your students the psychological and emotion aspects of being male and female in regards to family life.

The Life Horizons I curriculum is the most widely used family life education program for individuals with developmental and learning disabilities. Five separate topics are presented on over 500 slides. Life Horizons comes in two DVD versions: explicit and non-explicit which allows sensitive materials to be edited to meet student needs and community taste. The flexibility of our program has made it the first choice among our customers. The script and guide that accompany each set of pictures are comprehensive and easy to follow.

Part 1: Parts of the Body- Male & Female

Sets the foundation for sex education by illustrating the physical difference between men and women and their function. Emphasizes the uniqueness and worth of every individual.

Part 2: Sexual Life Cycle

Illustrates changes our bodies undergo from birth to old age. Includes changes related to puberty such as the development of secondary sexual characteristics, sexual feeling, the menstrual cycle and more.

Part 3: Human Reproduction

Sensitively illustrates the human reproduction process. Covers the stages of fetal growth with recommendations for good health habits during pregnancy. With one-of-a-kind photographs of an actual birth, you’ll show students the reality of the birth process.

Part 4: Birth Control

All current methods are discussed (with pros and cons of each) including abstinence, oral contraceptives, condoms, certain kinds of IUD’s and sterilization. Receiving family planning counseling before engaging in sexual intercourse is stressed.

Part 5: Sexual Health

Helps students become familiar and comfortable with routine medical procedures. Introduces the OB-GYN and illustrates complete breast and pelvic examinations. Presents basic information on sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s) including a special comprehensive section on AIDS and responsible sexuality.



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