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“Our consumers love watching your videos. They find them to be relevant, educational and entertaining.” – Maria Harkless, Adult Special Ed Teacher

Teach your students that the boss does not owe them a living.

In this module, your students will learn that life doesn’t come with any guarantees and that success is more related to hard work and job skills than good luck. This one-hour drama is about RaDaddy, who one day finds that his relatives and friends will no longer put their needs second to his. RaDaddy’ specific delusion of grandeur centers on his belief that he is about to become the music world’s next superstar and that everyone he encounters should be invested in getting him there as quickly as possible. He has no backup plan should his ambitious dream not work out and thus he has no investment in learning the work skills and attitudes necessary for the more “ordinary” jobs he is most likely to need in life.

RaDaddy’s misconceptions include thinking his boss and/or co-workers will forgive his lack of job skills and :

  • Recognize he’s too good for a little job
  • Be awestruck by this potential superstar
  • Put him on a fast track for promotion
  • Consider his success most important
  • Put his needs ahead of company needs
  • Make sacrifices to promote his success

Your students will see how RaDaddy’s fantasies about what life will be like at work collides with the reality that an employer’s only interest in a star, is an employee who is a star for them. When they first encounter RaDaddy in his personal life, your students will see how he ultimately drains his mother, his girlfriend and his best friend of money and finally their support for his dream. He is told to fund his own future career and get a job. When he first considers the possibility, your students will see him fantasize about how the workplace will serve as a self-promotion forum, with everyone from the boss to his co-workers signed on to further his dream of receiving fame and fortune. When his fantasies collide with the real world of work he learns that no matter how talented he may consider himself, on the job, he will be judged only by his work performance and not by his self-perceived image. Ultimately, he comes to see that working hard, saving money and concentrating on his music career in his spare time is the shortest cut to his long-term goals.



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