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“A unique approach to preparing students for the shock of an environment where what they need, feel or desire does not come first, and often doesn’t matter.” – Jim Graff, PhD

Teach your students that the boss is not your parent.

In this module, your students will learn that the relationship between the boss and the employee is nothing like the relationship with a parent. This one-hour drama is about Hector, who enters the work world expecting the boss to take care of him as his mother did. Hector is entering a world with zero job skills. Hector’s specific delusion of grandeur centers on his belief that he is entitled to be taken care of, nurtured, pampered and catered to. He thinks the boss should relate to him as his mother does and extends this expectation to his co-workers as well, thinking that they too put his desires and whims first, even at their own expense.

Hector’s misconceptions include thinking that, like his mom, his boss and co-workers will forgive his lack of job skills and:

  •     Always be on his side
  •     Always come to his rescue
  •     Always give him another chance
  •     Overlook his shortcomings
  •     Always forgive mistakes and accept excuses
  •     Never ask him to do anything he doesn’t want to do

These unrealistic expectations are part of Hector’s “perception package,” and in this module students will see where these perceptions originate, how they lead to ridiculous fantasies about how he will be treated on the job and how these expectations of special treatment collide with the reality of the workplace. Hector’s fantasy of the ideal job, where he is coddled and rules don’t apply to him, collides with cold reality when he discovers that the workplace doesn’t operate according to his delusions. Students will then see how Hector ultimately learns to successfully adjust his perceptions—and thus his behaviors—to find job success.




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