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“Great DVD’s, I can’t say enough on how much your product has opened the doors to our training classes. The consumers are getting some great information to use in their job search and on the job” -Denise Lehneis, Lead Job Coach

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Don’t let your students enter the workplace with these delusions. This job skills program takes a highly innovative approach to correct the false sense of entitlement that young people often bring to the workplace. 4 DVDs

Jim Graff, PhD raves, “…finally someone has addressed this issue.” First Job Survival Skills Unit 3 is a unique work skills program and highly innovative approach to preparing students for the shock of an environment where what they need, feel or desire does not come first and often doesn’t matter.

In this unit, the focus is on confronting the unrealistic fantasies many young people have about the work world. Work is not like school, with endless second chances, or like the neighborhood, where personal freedom is exercised, and it’s not like home, where people actually care about your welfare. Work is a much different place, with its own set of rules, expectations and requirements. Helping students develop realistic expectations of the workplace, before they get there, is what this program does. It provides accurate perceptions of soft skills…so your students don’t have to learn the hard way.

The series introduces five young people who expect special treatment. They come to the workplace assuming that rules don’t apply to them, that their needs come first and that the primary function of other people, including the boss, is to look out for their comfort and welfare. They all suffer from delusions of grandeur.

If a new employee expects the boss to forgive tardiness, give endless second chances and tolerate moods, it won’t happen. Likewise, a female employee will not receive special treatment because of her good looks. Of course, the boss does not relate like a parent, friend, or admirer. Contrary to the entitled workers’ expectations, the boss will not put the needs of the employees over the needs of the job. And therein lies the problem, a problem that often leads to job dismissals.

Lessons include the following workplace delusions:

1. My Needs Come First (The Boss is Not Your Parent)

2. Rules Don’t Apply to Me (The Boss is Not Your Homeboy)

3. I Deserve Special Privileges (Co-Workers are Not Your Fans)

4. I’m a VIP (The Boss Doesn’t Owe You a Living)

5. Work’s Got to Be Fun (The Workplace is Not a Party)


Unit 3: Surviving Delusions of Grandeur is composed of (5) Modules:



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