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“Our students were very receptive to the [programs]. We found them informative and down to earth.” – Jeff Bengal

Teach your students that some mistakes can be overlooked if they take responsibility and learn from them. Understand why employers consider being responsible and having self esteem to be job skills employees must have for job retention and promotion.

In this module, students will learn why employers rank being responsible, positive and having a good work ethic among the top attributes essential for job retention and promotion and the negative consequences that can come from not exhibiting these important characteristics

Part 1: Being Responsible

Personal problems, bad moods and complicated social lives that spill over into the workplace can destroy productivity and harmony. In the workplace, work should always come first. Any time wasted indulging personal needs at the expense of work needs is viewed as unacceptable by bosses. Students will learn how highly bosses value employees who set high standards, pay attention, work well, display a high level of concentration and can park their personal lives at the door and put the job first.

Part 2: Being Positive

Employees who bring negative, depressed attitudes and personal baggage to the workplace not only cannot do their won jobs properly but they also bring down co-workers and often slow down productivity by not pulling their own weight and missing deadlines. Students will learn that gossiping about co-workers, complaining about assignments and undertaking tasks reluctantly can create a negative workplace. Teach your students how to create an infectious “can do” environment that motivates co-workers and impresses bosses.

Part 3: Living the Work Ethic

Employees who exhibit good work ethic develop perseverance, loyalty and dependability. In this segment, students will learn to take their jobs personally, becoming their own quality control supervisor and taking pride in a job well done. In answering the Ancient Employee Riddle, they will see that success at work depends on commitment and hard work.






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