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Understand why employers consider active listening, being focused, and being thorough to be job skills employees must have for job retention and promotion.

In this module, students will learn why employers rank being focused, thorough and a good listener among the top job skills essential for job retention and promotion and the negative consequences that can come from not exhibiting these important characteristics.

Part 1: Listening

Active listening means getting involved, taking things seriously, asking questions and making sure you fully understand instructions before completing a task. In this section, students will learn to use active listening skills and to display cues that they are fully engaged when taking instructions. The art of asking clarifying questions and the use of focused body language, eye contact and tone of voice are modeled in detail.

Part 2: Being Focused

Every small task is vital to a business. Balancing the big picture with attention to detail can be a challenge for new employees. In this segment, students will learn that not paying attention to detail or becoming easily distracted often leads to mistakes. Show your students how sweating the small stuff can make them invaluable in the workplace.

Part 3: Being Thorough

This segment will teach your students the basics of planning, organization and neatness as well as the importance of quotas and deadlines, standardized procedures, following orders to the letter and choosing the right tools for the right job.




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