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“I feel our students/work trainees deserve the best; that’s why I choose materials from the James Stanfield Company.” – Wayne L. Bumgarner, Program Director

Teach your students the essence of good customer service. Understand why employers consider being customer friendly, welcoming, and understanding job skills employees must have for job retention and promotion.

In this module, students will learn why employers rank being friendly among the top 11 attributes essential for job retention and promotion and the negative consequences that can come from not exhibiting these important characteristics.

Part 1: Being Welcoming

Meeting customers’ needs is the only reason for a company to be in business. No time is more crucial to establishing a long-term relationship than the first moment of contact. Making the customer feel welcomed should be the number one priority of every employee. In this segment, students will learn the importance of setting an upbeat, positive atmosphere that lets customers know they are valued and important the moment they walk in the door.

Part 2: Being Professional

This segment shows your students how to set the stage for positive interaction by creating an atmosphere of courtesy, friendliness, and concern. Students will learn proper telephone etiquette and how to be accommodating and helpful to customers.

Part 3: Handling Complaints

Any business that wants to keep its customers needs to have employees who want to solve a customer problem. “Sorry, I can’t help you” is not acceptable. A successful employee empathizes with the customer’s irritation and is flexible enough to find solutions. This section will teach your students the fundamentals of meeting the needs of the unhappy customer. After all, if enough customers walk away, so will the paycheck.




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