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“These videos make it easy for our clients to understand and grasp concepts that are true to life and which can be applied to their own lives.” Elane Mannina, Education Consultant

Teach your students that inappropriate dress, language, and behavior will not be tolerated in the work place.

In this module, students will learn why employers rank dressing, talking and behaving appropriately among the top 11 attributes essential for job retention and promotion and the negative consequences that can come from not exhibiting these important characteristics.

Part 1: Dressing Appropriately

Employees who display inappropriate grooming, dress and hygiene can easily give the boss the impression that they have poor self-esteem, poor self-management and bad work habits. Bosses also see an employee’s poor appearance as a sign of disrespect. In this module, students will learn that bosses judge how seriously employees take their jobs by whether they dress neatly, are well groomed, and adhere to company dress codes.

Part 2: Talking Appropriately

In this segment, students will learn that terms of endearment, slang, street language, off-color jokes, swearing and racial or gender epithets are not only offensive in the work place but can also be considered illegal in many cases. No boss wants to run the risk of a lawsuit because a worker cannot control his or her language. In addition, students will see how inappropriate use of language can lead to hurt feelings and create an unprofessional atmosphere that undermines productivity.

Part 3: Behaving Appropriately

Goofing off, horseplay, and intimate touching are not only distracting, they can raise legal and safety issues on the job. Invasions of personal physical space, overly familiar terms of address and joking behavior can make customers uncomfortable. In addition, it can tell a boss that a worker is immature and does not take his or her job seriously. Students will learn that bosses quickly weed out employees who treat the workplace as a playground and the people in it as playmates.




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