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“First Job Survival Skills captured the students attention. Info was relevant, yet engaging.” -Shawn Fletcher, Vocational Specialist

Teach your students that being cooperative, helpful, and self-controlled is essential to becoming a team player. Understand why employers consider being cooperative and being a team player to be job skills employees must have for job retention and promotion.

In this module, students will learn why employers rank being cooperative, helpful and self-controlled among the top 11 attributes essential for job retention and promotion and the negative consequences that can come from not exhibiting these important characteristics.

Part 1: Being Cooperative

Students will learn why being cooperative is rated the #2 personal quality employees must have to be retained or advanced. Employers want staff that can get along and work as a team. While at work, it’s harmony the boss looks for, and it’s respecting, not necessarily liking, that matters. Bickering, name-calling and using personal insults on the job lead to an unproductive, unprofessional and unhappy workplace. Bosses don’t like it because work doesn’t get done in such an atmosphere and continual troublemakers are not tolerated.

Part 2: Being Helpful

From the boss’ point of view, the best way to look out for #1 is to look out for the team. Being able to switch gears and offer help to co-workers when it’s needed is essential to a smoothly running workplace. Students will learn that being helpful is at the heart of cooperation. They will also learn that bosses often consider employees who wont share the load of a co-worker or offer help when needed to be destructive to morale. Bosses wont tolerate this at the expense of losing employee morale or production output.

Part 3: Being Self-Controlled

If employees can’t control their own emotions, particularly anger, they will be disruptive to co-workers, insulting to customers, and disobedient to supervisors. Students will learn why it is so important to keep a lid on anger at work.




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