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“Please keep producing these great videos. James Stanfield understands kids and the world of work!” Lynda Beland, Vocational Counselor

Becoming trustworthy takes time to build and a second to destroy. Understand why employers consider being trustworthy, ethical, and tolerant to be job skills employees must have for job retention and promotion.

In this module, students will learn why employers rank being trustworthy, ethical and tolerant among the top 11 attributes essential for job retention and promotion and the negative consequences that can come from not exhibiting these important characteristics.

Part 1: Being Trustworthy

Students will learn why being trustworthy is rated by employers as the #1 personal quality employees must have to be retained or advanced. They will see that if they lie (even a “small” lie) or cheat the boss in any way and he or she finds out about it, they will most likely be fired. If you lie or cheat, the boss can no longer trust that you won’t do it again.

Part 2: Being Ethical

This segment will teach your students that ethical people base their actions on a set of rules that are important to them and the people they live and work with. Students will learn that bosses often view employees as being with them or against them. They’ll learn that bosses view passing blame as a lie or a sign of weak character.

Part 3: Being Tolerant

Being able to work with people from diverse backgrounds is a must in today’s workplace. Students will learn that being tolerant means accepting people for who they are and being able to interact with people of different cultures and gender without prejudice. Students will also learn that expressing racial, gender, or religious bigotry is absolutely unacceptable in the workplace and could cause immediate termination and/or legal actions against them.




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