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“Excellent teaching aids, I couldn’t do without them! I have used them for years and the students love them!” – Andrea Sibley-Smith, Instructor

Teach your students that integrity is doing the right thing when nobody is looking. Teaches job skills to students and the importance of integrity in the workplace.

In Module 5, you’ll teach your students how the importance of being honest and truthful with an employer cannot be overestimated. Employees are seldom given a second chance to prove themselves trustworthy. Your students will see the consequences of dishonesty, stealing, slacking off, and being unenthusiastic at work.

Part 1: No Second Chance

In this segment, we reveal in detail the consequences of stealing money, stealing supplies, lying, “borrowing” items from the workplace, using company phones for personal use and surfing the Internet on company time. Detailed discussion points include surveillance cameras in the workplace, videotaping for security reasons, jail terms and employee background checks.

Part 2: An Honest Day’s Work

In this part, the notion of giving your employer his or due is explored. Slacking off, being moody, doing a job unenthusiastically because you don’t like it, breaking promises, avoiding work and repeatedly calling in sick are explored as examples of a lack of integrity at work. Students will learn that wasting time on the job can also be seen as dishonest by the boss.

Part 3: Review: Bosszilla Meets the Employees from Hell

In this part, students will see a hilarious review of the worst employees on the planet paraded before a room of horrified bosses, complete with commentary from the biggest boss of all, Bosszilla. In these humorous vignettes, students will see an example of seven types of problem workers and identify ways to avoid these 90-day washout behaviors.




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