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“The use of humor really makes these [programs] enjoyable for all of our clients.” -Jodi Nixon, Administrator

Teach students important job skills like being honest about their abilities, asking questions, admitting mistakes, and accepting criticism.

Learning a company’s policies and procedures, specialized jargon and equipment is all necessary. The ability to learn quickly and thoroughly on the job is essential to job success, particularly in the modern work world where technology dictates picking up new skills often. In Module 3, students will see how many new employees underestimate the importance of listening to instructions, being realistic with co-workers and the boss about their skills and showing a willingness to do the job “right” (the boss’s way), with a commitment to excellence.

Part 1: Listening & Doing the Job

This part is comprised of four vignettes. The first focuses on the fine art of paying attention, the second on listening instead of talking, the third on admitting ignorance of machinery or policy (so that one can be properly instructed) and the fourth on recognizing when one needs extra help and then getting it from the correct source. Your students will learn that the boss has a soft spot in his or her heart for employees who are honest about their abilities, ask questions, admit mistakes, and accept criticism.

Part 2: Doing it the Boss’s Way

The first vignette focuses on one of the most essential qualities of a good employee; dependability. The second vignette looks at how a new worker can deal with the frustration brought on by a boss who appears to arbitrarily change her mind repeatedly. The third vignette shows how important it is to the boss to have a new employee who is open to correction and positive criticism. Your students will see why being focused, dependable, and organized are essential to being considered an employee with promise.

Part 3: Going the Extra Mile

In this segment, your students will learn that few things frustrate a boss more than not paying attention and lack of communication and initiative. If you want to get promoted in any position, you will have to show your boss that you can think on your own! Students will also learn the importance of being a team player.




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