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“These videos provide social skills that are truly needed for this population, including the correct way to interact in the world of work. These videos also make it easy for students to understand needed work ethics.”  -James Shrove, Vocational Manager

An introduction to the “real world” for students.Teaches positive work ethic and job skills they need to learn before their first job.

Module 1 opens the series and serves as an introduction to the “real world” for students who have been sheltered in the school environment from the realities of working for a living. In this three-part overview of the work ethic in practice, your students will learn that behaviors they may have been getting away with at school will not be tolerated at work.

Part 1: Giving 100%

This segment provides a look at contrasting work ethics, one positive and one negative. Your students will learn proper work ethics by watching two employees at the same work site. Elias has a positive attitude and is ready to go, while Joel puts no effort into his appearance or performance. Students will see nonverbal behaviors that communicate positive and poor attitudes.

Part 2: Personal Habits That Mean A lot

This vignette also shows two contrasting styles. Students will be introduced to two roommates who take different views on how to best prepare for the workday. Your students will see Hector wake up refreshed at the alarm’s first ring, put on the clothes he set out the night before, eat a good and leisurely breakfast, check to see that he has his wallet and bus pass, and arrive at the bus stop with time to spare. Ron, having fallen asleep in his work uniform, wakes up tired, disheveled, and out of time. By watching the behaviors of these two individuals, and the positive and negative outcomes of their actions, students will learn that good worker mentality, like many things in life, begins at home and carries over to the workplace.

Part 3: You Are Not in School Anymore

In this part, students will see the positive impression Hector’s preparedness makes on his boss and the negative impression Ron makes arriving late with yesterday’s wrinkled clothes, too tired to make any worthwhile contributions. They will learn that while showing up late to school could have some minor consequences, showing up late to work can result in the loss of job.



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