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“Great! Used the hygiene videos often. They really helped the staff when words were not enough.” -A. Snyder, Administrator

Teach your male students good hygiene practices through step by step demonstrations.

With the help of VideoModeling and our on-screen medical experts, the Hygiene module in First Impressions will teach your male students with developmental disabilities, intellectual disabilities, and emotional challenges, the basics of male hygiene, as well as the specifics of our culture’s concept of cleanliness. This Module features our dental consultant, Dr. Steven Subject, DDS who motivates students to care for their teeth by emphasizing the relationship between good dental care and “kissable” breath. Also featured is our medical consultant, Dermatologist Gary Novatt, MD, who helps students separate fact from fiction and TV hype from really good hygiene. Using humorous sketches, and clear, step-by-step demonstrations, your students will learn:

  • The impact hygiene (cleanliness) has in making a good first impression.
  • The meaning and myth of hygiene
  • The benefits of practicing good hygiene
  • The techniques involved in taking a good shower
  • And More!

Pt. 1

  • Meaning and importance of hygiene
  • Showering and shampooing
  • Proper use of soap and shampoo products
  • Shower safety
  • The Five Minute Shower, a step-by-step guided tour through a shower
  • The key body areas to wash
  • Rinsing off thoroughly
  • Toweling tips

Pt. 2

  • Choosing and using deodorant
  • Hand hygiene- hand washing and preventing the spread of germs
  • Toilet hygiene- urination, bowel movements, importance of hand washing
  • Testicular self-exam
  • Proper genital washing
  • Signs of genital infection



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