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“Excellent!The hygiene videos were very detailed and easy to understand. It didn’t make anyone uncomfortable.” – Penny Benoit, Couselor

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Good hygiene makes a lasting impression… something your students can control! Clear, step-by-step demonstrations of people skills for essential everyday hygiene practices that promote social approval and health.

The practice of hygiene or cleanliness differs with each culture and each society. One thing is clear, however, the cultural practice of personal hygiene or cleanliness has more to do with social norms of acceptance than health. The person who appears dirty or smells bad gives the impression of being irresponsible, lazy and disrespectful. The person who appears clean and fresh gives the impression of being self-disciplined and respectful of others. There are many things your students can’t control but they can control the impression their hygiene makes.

In this module, students will learn that personal cleanliness greatly contributes to how others view them. They will see that a clean and fresh image sends a clear, strong statement that: “I can take care of myself, I care about cultural norms, I care about myself and the impression I make and I’m probably okay to be around.”

Using VideoModeling, the Hygiene module in First Impressions will teach your students with developmental disabilities, intellectual disabilities, and emotional challenges the basics of both male hygiene and female hygiene, as well as the specifics of our culture’s concept of cleanliness. Using humorous sketches, and clear, step-by-step demonstrations, your students will learn the practices that promote social approval and health.

In this module students will learn:

  • How to take the perfect 5-minute shower
  • The key parts of the body to wash
  • How to correctly shampoo hair
  • Proper genital and defecation hygiene
  • Disease prevention and signs of infection
  • Menstrual care…and more!

Module 1: Hygiene is composed of (2) Modules:



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