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“I have purchased the curriculum for special education teachers and they love them!” -Bonnie Mann, Counselor

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Good grooming makes a lasting impressions, something your students can control. Clear, step-by-step demonstrations of people skills such as essential grooming practices that promote social approval and health.

Research shows that the first things people look at in the first moments of an introduction are your face and hair. If you need a shave, if your make-up is misapplied, if your teeth are dirty, if your breath is bad, if your hair is messy, or if you need a haircut, you’ll likely make a poor impression. Further, a potential employer could easily assume that you will be a messy worker. If you look need and clean, it will suggest that you take pride in your appearance and give the impression that probably the same holds true for your work.

In addition to learning the specific “rules of the road” for interacting appropriately with others, your students will also see that the essence of good manners and good people skills is based on concern and thoughtfulness towards others.  Illustrate classic right and wrong ways to interact with others that are humorous yet informative. You’ll give your students a basic foundation in acceptable manners and grooming etiquette that they will use daily.

Using VideoModeling, the Grooming module in First Impressions will teach your students with developmental disabilities, intellectual disabilities, and emotional challenges, the nuts and bolts of good grooming. Using humorous sketches, and clear, step-by-step demonstrations, your students will see how easy it is to:
  • Get a “wash and wear” haircut
  • Keep their hair looking good throughout the day
  • Wash their face
  • Cut their nails
  • Apply make-up and sunscreen
  • Correctly brush and floss their teeth
  • …And much more!

First Impressions Module 2 Grooming is composed of two parts: Grooming for Males and Grooming for Females.

Module 2: Grooming is composed of (2) Modules:


Grooming for Males

Grooming for Males
Through clear step-by-step demonstrations and the help of our on-screen medical expert, students will learn the nuts and bolts of good grooming such as shaving and proper dental care.

Grooming for Females

Grooming for Females
With the help of our styling expert, your female students will learn hair and makeup basics, along with other grooming practices through step-by-step demonstrations.


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